VNS 3227

This is the last known issue of VNS. It was posted on the news group soc.culture.british on 9th January 1995, with the title “VNS: Mon 9-Jan-1995 : *** LAST CHANCE TO SEE ***”.
Link: soc.culture.british

Gwyn Evans, who posted this issue, explained

“Just to expand on the header, VNS as forwarded by me, will shortly be stopping.  Looking back, I’ve been forwarding it for over two years now but recently, there are two problems that I can’t do anything about.

  The first is that the news just isn’t getting through to me, which is why it’s been patchy/non-existant for the last few months and the second is that the group to I work for in Digital has been sold off to MTI, so very shortly I’ll not have access to VNS nor the rest of the Digital network… 

      Bye for now,

This is the issue copied from the newsgroup:

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